Thursday, 14 June 2012


Bypass Paypal Payment To Get Free Products Online
Its being a long time since I have posted an article on my site so today by managing some time I founded a JavaScript which can be very helpful in downloading online products for free selling by other peoples or merchants which are on the payment seats.

Its being a trend to sell eBooks,software's,games,links,products etc. online on the internet to earn some money. If we need something like that we have to give them payments through our PayPal accounts.Therefore, to solve that problem and make easy to poor people to afford that items PayPal hacking script is being launched.

Here is the Script-
javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName('return')[0].value; javascript:void(0);
Steps needed to get free products-
1.First of all copy the script given above
2.Then open that website where the means of purchase is PayPal . For ex-
3.Click on the PayPal button to purchase item and
3.In-between the loading time of PayPal payment by your account, Copy paste the JavaScript in the browser and press enter or you can directly paste the script in the browser address when the website opens. will be redirected to the downloading section.
5.That’s it!!!, you hacked that system.
It works well with the supported web-browsers like Google chrome,Firefox,opera,safari,ie etc. Sometimes the script wont work due to some strong security arrangements,Then you will try some other website.
I hold no responsibility for any kind of your actions to this script, Its being made only for educational purposes.
Enjoy Hacking !                                                                            


  1. can u teach more how to copy into the browser