Sunday, 9 September 2012

Get Access to Your Friends Email and Password Using The Dirty Facebook Application Trick

As you are already aware of my Facebook hacking application known as "New FB security utility" which convinces the users to save their accounts from hackers but in fact the are hacked.

This is a new , advanced and most reliable way of hacking facebook accounts. You cannot find such kind of  application on the whole "WEB" . In other words you can say that I am the creator of this application :D . Now its your turn to make an application like this one. So let's get started.

Step 1) First of all you will need the HTML codes for you application so download the codes from here.

Step 2) Now you will need a web hosting page. Sign up on any web hosting site to make a hosting page like etc . If you don't know how to make one then click here to learn how to make a web hosting page. After that come back and view the rest article .

SO, Now that you have signed up and logged in already to your byethost account , Click on "Online  file manager" under the file manager option at the right side. Now anew tab will open . Click on the directory .htdocs there will be two files don't open them just delete them. Now when you have deleted them upload the action.php file from the downloaded files (Only action.php) . 

After that go to the downloaded files in C:/Downloads and open the file named as "HTML coding for tab" and press ctrl+f . Type action in the find what field now a word named as action will be highlighted after that enter you website url you received in theEmail address and save this file 

Step 3) Now you will need a facebook page . If you already have one then proceed to the next step . If not then create one . If you don't know how to create a facebook pagethen click here to learn how to make a facebook page and return back to this article after you are done.

Step 4) After you have created a facebook page , Search "Static XFBML" to make a welcome tab on your  page

Select the page you want to make the application on . After your welcome tab has been created open it and name it as love meter .

Step 5) Now copy all the codes from the " HTML coding for tab" file and paste them in the non-fan content and fan content field and click on save changes .

Step 6) Now to confirm that your application has been created and it is working , Click on "View non-fan content" or "View fan content" Enter any words in the Email andpassword field .

This is what your application will look like when it is created.

Step 7) Open a new tab and type your site url you received in the Email followed by "/logs.html " you will receive your victim's email and password here .

If you have any problem related to any step then post your query in the comments below .


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