Friday, 1 April 2011

Hack yahoo with fake page Yahoo Phishing/ How to Hack yahoo account

In this Tutorial guyzz we will learn Yahoo Hacking.. this way for hack is called Phishing Attack.
Learn this tutorial step by step and Hack yahoo.

Total 4 things you need for phsihing

(i)   Winrar tool
(ii)  Fake login script
(iii) Any php hosting ftp account
(iv) Internet Connection

step.1 Download this fake script and extraxt in your hard drive with winrar r any compressing tool

Step.2 Create a free account in
guyz some persons dont know how to make free account in so i am giving here screenshots and steps. if you know how to make free account in then skip this step.

go to and click on get a free account

and this page will appear, Enter your detail your name and your site name your email etc.

then click on get my account now. this page will apear.

now check your mails. a confirmation link will be sent you by
like this.

click on the confirmation click. activate your account, then login to your account. and go to file manager.upload 3 files yahoo.html,yahoo.php and log.txt.

then right click on yahoo.htm and copy the url and give this url to your victim, when he/she will open this link and login from the fake page the passwords will saved in log.txt file

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