Thursday, 21 April 2011

sessionthief | HTTP Session Cloning Tool | Hack facebook, Gmail, twitter over insecure LAN

HTTP Session Cloning & Cookie Stealing Tool 
Facebook hacking, Gmail hacking, twitter hacking tool

Sessionthief is the best tool to hack into another email accounts of facebook accounts in open wireless connections. it has the ability to hack into most websites accounts of another user on the same LAN is logged into.
sessionthief tool performs HTTP session cloning by cookie stealing on the insecure LAN and let you use that cloned session to access other's account.
It can issue basic nmap and nbtscan commands to see which IPs are on the subnet, or just listen for IPs broadcasting packets. It can quickly perform ARP poison routing to get packets given the IP of the client if not on an open network or hub, and should also work with interfaces in monitor mode. It integrates automatically with Firefox, dynamically creating a temporary profile for each attack performed. In this way, in contrast to tools like the middler, it doesn’t require any additional configuration, and makes it easy to simultaneously own multiple logins to the same site.

Steps for hacking:

  • Start the program
  • Select your interface
  • Hit watch
  • Select a request from each of them to facebook or Gmail and click the session button.

The program will automatically start a new instance of firefox for each hacked session, and let you control the login of all of them at once. It compiles and runs on linux and windows depending on the pcap and wxwidgets libraries.

Download Here:


  1. Its amazin bdy wrkin like a magic

  2. Cn u plz explain smthin bout firesheep plz

  3. Its wrkin perfectly thnx for this tut

  4. Nyc wrk bdy can u also provide a tutorial on hw to hack wifi passwords

  5. sir...
    is dis possible to hack computer which is in another network or state ...
    plz reply ...

  6. @pratima
    ya its very possible to hack computer which is in another network or state and its not a much difficult tas bt u need to have a command on netwrking for that

  7. @rupal i hv xplained bout that in my previous tutorials

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  9. sir ..
    plz send da tutorial or commands how to hack computer which is in another network or state as possible plz send as soon as possible .
    plz.. sir
    plz... reply

  10. Well if u want i cn post a tutorial on my blog for you or do u want it by mail nly ?

  11. @pratima -r u following this blog or nt

  12. yes sir i m always following this blog ...
    plz post or mail me ..

  13. @pratima - Well i cnt see u in the followers list nd if u wnt to follow this blog through ur gmail or yahoo id then u cn follow it by using the follow button in the right panel

  14. sir ..
    plz send da tutorial.......
    plz ..

  15. well pratima i hv posted a tutorial for you on netbios hacking
    and will be posting rest of the tutorials as per your request in future

  16. sir..
    netbios hacking process hack computer in our local network ..
    how 2 do in other network or state computer

  17. how 2 hack other network or state computers ....
    plz help ...
    netbios hacks only local network computers ...

  18. well netbios cn also hack remote computers bt it requires a little bit modification which you will see in my upcoming posts.....

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