Saturday, 2 April 2011

How to TYPE the Copyright Symbol from Keyboard?

Copyright Symbol- © is observed in the footer of nearly all websites, which means that the information provided in the site is protected under copyright laws and the sole authority of the information lies with the person or organisation whose name is written besides the symbol. But how do you type the Copyright symbol from your keyboard, so that it appears in your website. If you observe carefully, you don’t find any character on your keyboard which appears like that symbol. So how do you type it?
One of the best alternatives which people follow when they don’t know how to type the Copyright symbol through keyboard is “They Copy-Paste the symbol from any other website which contains it !” Most amateur bloggers and webmasters do this, but people having a reasonable knowledge about HTML take a different approach.
As I have said, I will tell you how to type that symbol. Just type the following text within any HTML code where-ever you need the Copyright symbol:
Just save the changes and you are done.   © is the opeator used to type the copyright symbol in HTML.
To check this out, just open NOTEPAD and type the following code inside it:


Now save this file as “AnyName.html”. After saving the file, Double-Click on it so that it Opens. You will find a new browser Window opening with just the Copyright Symbol as the content.


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