Thursday, 21 April 2011

Parallel Log-in Password Cracking Tool | NiX Brute Force

NiX Brute Force V.1.1.0

NiX Brute Forcer is a password cracking tool. This tool uses brute force  attack in parallel to log into a system without having authentication credentials. This password cracking tool supports variety of services which allow remote authentication such as: MySQL, SSH, FTP, IMAP. It is based on NiX Proxy Checker. This tool demonstrates the importance of choosing a strong password for secure login. Brute force attack is really a strong attack against passwords.

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  • Basic Authorization & FORM support in both standard and HTTPS (SSL) mode
  • FORM auto-detection & Manual FORM input configuration.
  • It is multi-threaded
  • HTTP/SOCKS 4 and 5 proxy support
  • With Success and Failure Keys results are 99% accurate
  • Advanced coding and timeout settings makes it outperform any other brute forcer
  • Wordlist shuffling via macros
  • Auto-removal of dead or unreliable proxy and when site protection mechanism blocks the proxy
  • Integrated proxy randomization to defeat certain protection mechanisms

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